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Fair enough, except I never said "nearly as good"...nor did I conclude that. I said, "nearly as absorptive", which isnt necessarily the same thing (comparative absorption is proven in the study)...What I actually said is that it might be a good candidate. I was careful with my words in the OT. You can't expect to put words in people's mouth and not get called out on it. But I would like to know what is your opinion on memory foam for treatment?

Anyway, that's why I posted the initial inquiry in the first place. I wanted opinions with some substance. I gotta get back to work, will post more tomorrow.

FYI, 4" memory foam can be had for less than $2/sq ft, already cleanly wrapped in fabric ready to drop into a frame. 2" OC 703 with edges is roughly the same price. Auralex 2" acoustic foam is about 5x as much.