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Sorry for your loss my friends. I too lost my studio with 6 feet of storm surge. I would post photos but I`m not exactly sure how...

I live in South Brooklyn, a block from the water. We were never told to evacuate until 30 minutes after the storm came so most of my stuff was ruined with salt water, sewage and sludge. I have a garden that runs alongside the exterior of my studio and lots of soil was brought into the studio with lots of leaves. There was mud everywhere as well. The water was so strong, it busted holes in two walls and even sucked a garbage can into my studio. Just crazy... Clean up took us a good 4 days, which included tearing down all the walls and treating the mold buildup.

Thankfully I was able to save my computers, hard drives, guitars and my two Avalon 737s. Everything else was lost including 25 years worth of personal belongings like journals, photographs, every CD I ever owned, hundreds of books.

The first 48 hours after the storm were the hardest. Dealing with the loss, picking up photos of my kids off the studio floor just broke my heart. Throwing out videos from when they were babies was gut wrenching. As silly as it sounds but I felt like I lost them too during those first few days even though they were fine. It was really tough. I have friends who lost houses too, at least 4 I can name off the top of my head. The storm was beyond anything I ever imagined.

Just wanted to share my story with you, you`re not alone.