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If you mic in mono you have to be quite far away to get a good balance of high and low piano and my upright doesn't cut through if it's too ambient. That is the one mic compromise. To close mic you need two at least but you can keep it all mono if you like.

If it's a song that's mainly piano I like to feel near it and you would hear some stereo spread if you are near it or sitting at it. If the piano is part of a band you'd be further away and then the piano is basically a mono source (although you may want some room in stereo).
This is not so in my experience. Depends on the mic, position, piano and song of course.

An EV 635a placed near the low strings under the hood, pointed slightly down and toward the higher strings will get you a pretty fair balance. This mic has a bass roll-off and pretty crisp highs, so it works well.