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Old 27th November 2012

This is not my area of expertise, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt.

Running everything from you mixer which (I imagine?) only has 4 stereo inputs and a mic input, will not be sufficient to run everything, since you have:

Turntable #1: 2 stereo outs
Turntable #2: 2 stereo outs
CD player #1: 2 stereo outs
CD player #2?: 2 stereo outs
Imac: 2 stereo outs

As I see it, you need:
a) A larger mixer with more channels
b) To change your "master controller"

To save $$$, I'd use your CPU. Your phonic 808 can handle the job, so I would just run everything through that into your computer and use a mixing program to handle everything. Which, program to use is another discussion, and again not my specialty.

I personally have a 16 channel mixing board, in which I do live electronic music. I don't run things through a CPU and just bring ye ol' faders for different parts, which is quasi-similar to what you are doing. For me this is a more potentially error-free route with less moving parts.

Just my 3 (yes 3!) cents...