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adding 2" to tracking setup, couple of questions

alrighty so,

i'm thinking of including a 16Tr 2" machine in the spec for a new facility which will be intended primarily as a tracking studio.

i am not intending on getting an analog desk; very nice selection of outboard pres, eqs and dynamics for tracking through, into PTHD with Lynx Aurora converters.

now, if tracking to the 2" before the converters (with eq and dynamics pre-tape) how might i get around the record-playback head spacing latency for monitoring?

do i need to use an analog desk?

or if i am recording at high sample rates am i as well to track straight to PT and then bounce to and from the tape after editing, comping, etc.?

i'm really just getting the 2" for the SOUND. will this still be achieved by hitting it after AD/DA at 88.2 or 96K?

or do i really have to hit the tape before the AD/DA to make it worthwhile?

many thanks,

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