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I did some more tests. I've mixed with the Bm5a's the last couple of days and I really like them for what I do (detailed tech-house). Yesterday I tried the DBM50s again, but it's clear to me now they don't go as low. When I play sine waves at 70Hz, the speakers sound equally loud. But when I lower the frequency, at around 60Hz, the DBM50s are substantially lower in volume than the BM5a's. Below that, the DBM50s become almost inaudible. This can't be because of my room, because I also hear it when I'm 20cm from the speakers, and I know my room well enough to be pretty sure that there's not a null there at that frequency. (And btw, it also happens when I move the speaker)

Attached you'll find ARC tests for both speakers. This is not scientific, but it gives a good idea of what's going on. Watch the orange line, that's the measurement of speakers + room. I know I have LF problems around 60-70Hz (dip), 130Hz (bump) and 40Hz (small bump). But as you can see, the DBM50s start to roll off quickly below 70-80Hz. It almost seems as if the speakers are rolled off for use with a sub, but all the switches on the back are set to 'flat'.

A colleague of mine praised the DBM50s for having solid bass, so it could be my pair is faulty. I sent Dynaudio a mail about it. Curious to hear what they say about it, because the mids on the DBM50s are really nice.
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