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First, the device that should be your master clock is NOT the one with the most stable clock. It's the one that will being doing most of your conversion. ALL converters work more accurately on internal clock than external no matter what the external clock is. It's crystal vs. PLL and the crystal will ALWAYS win. Well, you could have a horrible design for the internal clock, but it's difficult to make a better PLL and if the internal clock is total garbage then I can promise you the PLL will not be a freakin' Rolls Royce. So bottom line, whatever is doing the bulk of your conversion should be the master clock and everything else slave.
Just asking a theoretical question now. Let's say I think the Ferrofish converters are the bomb, and I decide to buy another set. So, one set would clock the other, and the word clock through would go to the other set, and the word clock through would go to the Burl B2, and the word clock through would then go to the RME MADI FX?

Well, to be honest, the thing I'm most lacking understand of is why they didn't do the clocking over MADI - fiber should support speeds thousands of times over what its sending now