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Here for the gear
^ Very wise words!

I tend to pick up improvements to my studio as I gather experience. I reach a point where I 'feel' I could get something better. I am going to get a AF12 to go along with my allen and heath mixwizard and patchbay, it's perfect for a small home studio setup and fits the rest of my gear (budget and quality wise).

Why spend a lot of money and invest in an interface that is so overqualified it forces you to change everything in your signal path to actually benefit from it. Also it is not going to teach you something that slowly replacing parts and investing time and knowledge to each upgrade will. I learned a lot in the past from using lousy cables, various interfaces, unbalanced patchbays and cheap microphones. It made me appreciate and cherish every new piece of gear and forces me to use it to the fullest and in that way get to know what could be improved with my next purchase..