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I have to pop in here and mention something.

I was meandering around the site seeing if anyone had the same experience I seem to be having with my Echo setup. Interesting to see someone else had... Im referring to the "haze"

Im using an AF12 and an AF8 into an SPL Mixdream and a Black Lion pm8 sent into a Rosetta 200 for AD which everything is clocked to.. I've never been fully happy with how hard I have to work at clearing things up (and often to no avail). I felt everything coming from the Echos was "hazy"...

Mind you, I am more accustomed to Lynx Auroras... but I've heard from a bunch of people and read all over that the Echo stuff was 'seriously under rated'... I've even heard it described by engineers i trust as the "poor man's mytek"... so I though the obvious lack of quality I am experiencing couldn't be entirely the Echo's... But to see someone else familiar with higher end converters share my exact observations confirmed it for me... I have been a victim of hype... I need to invest in something else...

I WILL say, however, I LOVE the fact that someone has interfaces with such configurations at such a price point on the market. It met my needs perfectly when I was short on cash... I would recommend them to someone in a similar situation, but I would caution them to expect to get what they're paying for.

Bottom line is try out everything you can. Don't take other people's word as gospel, simply as information to be considered.

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