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Hey there,

I've seen Jon around here and there, talented cat. Was on a engineer/producer panel with him last year at Brookdale's Guitar Show.

Asbury actually fared pretty well, I think one big reason is that the city has some elevation compared to towns North and South of us.

One of my favorite places in town got hit hard, but nowhere near as bad as it could have been...
Cool cool! Jon is the man. Hes producing my band's album this winter. Glad to hear the town itself is okay. I know the boardwalk got pretty messed up. That pinball place is right on the boardwalk if I could remember. Its really weird seeing pictures of the beach area. It felt like yesterday my band and I were playing bamboozle there and now a lot of that area is pretty destroyed. I have had some of my most fond musical memories there. Hope to see Asbury and the rest of the shore have a successful rebuild.