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I'm in LIC/Astoria too and things are fine here - no damage or loss of power. My heart goes out to those who got hit hard though - I feel very lucky to be spared.
Hey Guys,

Its interesting because I grew up in Greenpoint where my parents still reside. My brother just renovated his new house in Old Howard Beach a month ago and I live in Bergen Beach (southeast Brooklyn).

My brother`s house was completely flooded. All the work he did was lost. My entire first floor of my house was also destroyed: tenant`s apartment, washer/dryer, 2 water heaters, 2 boilers, my studio.

Now my parents were completely untouched. They never lost power, no flooding, no downed trees, etc... They have yet to see the damage in my house or my brothers. A lot of people in the Northern end of Brooklyn and Queens have absolutely no clue how bad this storm was and the havoc it has created. The only thing that is affecting most people is the gas situation. I had to move in with my in laws for a couple of nights because we could see our breath in our house. We lost power, got it back, then lost it again. It finally came back on Thursday.

There are parts of Queens and LI that will not get power till December! It`s insane. We`re in a city with millions of people all living within 10 feet of each other, its very tight, its very uncomfortable when everything is working. The stress level is very high and its draining.

For many residents in the Northern parts of our boroughs, they lucked out and really have no clue how bad things are. Not calling anyone insensitive but they really have no idea of the hardships going on.
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