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Nasty. Sorry to hear it. I feel your pain. I'm in Ozone Park and my Fiancee is 2 minutes away in Howard Beach. I just lost power for about 6 days or so but her neighborhood got decimated so she's been staying by me. People only a block from her lost their entire houses. Both of us are really fortunate so we're not complaining.

Howard Beach, Staten Island and the Rockaways are still in very bad shape. FEMA is here in Howard Beach but they're really useless. As expected, FEMA is not really doing much of anything based on what some friends of mine in Old Howard who lost their homes told me.

A FEMA person who was going around making a note of damage and reimbursement marked down that my friend's TV is working! His entire first floor is gutted by flood waters and the entire neighborhood has no power. When my friend protested, the FEMA rep told him that when they get power back, if the TV doesn't work he can file a dispute on the claim. Amazing.

Best of Luck to you Lou. This was a lot worse than most of us expected.