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Old 7th November 2012
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I was away on tour in Australia but house/studio is in Long Branch, which is not too far from Asbury Park. The House got about 4 feet of water-indoors. It's a frame house so everything has to be replaced, drywalls, floors, etc. The dogs survived by somehow getting on the kid's bunk bed.

Studio, furniture, TV's, electronics, and all equipment is dead.

Luckily the GF was over her mom's apartment with the kids. Insurance didn't cover flooding because we're below sea level and close to the coast. The running joke on the block for years has been if there was a flood we were all F*cked.

Still no power but I'm not sure if the grid is still down or because everything got wet. Still about an inch of mud on all the floors. I'm in Chicago right now safe and sound, arranging to get the family here.