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Actually most of the NY area tunnels are closed due to being filled with water: Midtown, Battery, and Holland as of now (Friday evening). Also flooded were most of the NYC train tunnels.

Today the Mayor canceled the NYC Marathon amidst an incredible public outcry. Most NYC citizens couldn't understand how the Mayor could justify allocating the resources (Police, Emergency Medical Techs, porta-potties, generators and bottled water) for a foot race, when our residents need those resources. Mayor Bloomberg was pretty pigheaded about going on with the Marathon but at about 5:00 PM Friday he announced it was canceled. I think it was wise for him and for public safety.

As for crime, I have heard stories of looting (though not 'round here) and I feel tension in the air while driving. People are not paying attention to their driving and there is a sense of panic (unjustified) over the availability of gasoline. Apparently it's a combination of two issues: there are gas stations that simply don't have any gas due to lack of delivery -- resulting in lines that are miles and hours long; and there are gas stations that have plenty of gas but can't pump it due to lack of electricity. People get all bent out of shape over stuff like this but really -- so what if you can't drive? There are other means of transportation, and the city has done an amazing job of getting mass transportation back up and running.

One or two friends with studios in New Jersey are without power and other services. I offered one a place to stay but he won't leave for fear of getting robbed (and this is in an upscale New Jersey area).

I have been trying to ascertain the condition of gear in storage owned by the band I tour manage but we have been unable to access our storage facility. I have heard reports of anywhere from two to seven feet of water at one of two buildings there. Hopefully tomorrow my crew guys will be able to get there to check it out but we might have some serious losses.

All very upsetting but at this stage in my life I really believe that it comes down to this:
my family -- in particular my parents who are not exactly spring chickens -- are safe and unharmed. Everything else is bulls^^t.


Steve La Cerra
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