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Being a Miami native I've survived several Hurricanes including Hurricane Andrew (which was the last CAT 5 to hit the US).

The attitude down here for one is everyone likes to have hurricane parties during the storm. Some bars will even be open and host these parties as long as its not above a CAT 2, sometimes CAT 3.

Anyways in all seriousness, my regimen down here is we always keep extra supplies of nonperishable food, first aid kit, batteries, and a good machete, so we don't have to go out and spend a fortune when a storm nears.

When a storm nears, first priority is fill the car with gas and an extra tank so u can refill later and avoid the long lines after the storm. An excellent cooler that will keep ice for several days is also important. Down here its hot as **** and food spoils fast, ice goes quickly too. After hurricane Andrew I remember the main thing everyone was needing was gas, ice, and water.

Fill the bath tubs with water. One for baths, another for drinking.

Alcohol. We're drinkers down here. Bars are open 24/7 and u can purchase alcohol 24/7 so main thing everyone does too is stock up on alcohol cause people tend to start little block parties after the storm, great way to meet and get to know neighbors, also the activity keeps potential looters at bay.

I never do propane tanks cause we just take downed trees and turn em to firewood.

If I were up there in those conditions, I would consider starting a fire, gather the neighbors and sleep outside beside the fire.

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