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Old 1st November 2012
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Queens is DEFINITELY NOT returning to normal yet by a long stretch and if you're in an area that wasn't hard hit, don't be fooled. It's not like that everywhere.

I'm in Ozone Park, still with no power. Con-Ed is saying that it still be about 10 days for Queens to fully have power back.

My fiancee who lives in the next neighborhood, Howard Beach, was devastated. Many, many people lost houses and the streets are littered with automobiles all over. They're on people's front lawns, through broken bus shelters, etc. The national guard and red cross is here handing out water and blankets since so many here are homeless and without power and water. Reports are saying that the surge from Jamaica bay into Howard beach topped at 12 feet in places. Howard Beach has been declared a federal disaster area and FEMA is there. Far from OK.

Thank God my fiancee has a condo on the second floor, so her place was miraculously spared, but I have one very close friend who lives blocks from her who's complete house has been flattened. The streets are littered still with flood waters and personal belongings. People are being cautioned not to drink the water since it's polluted with engine oil and sewage at the moment. No power or heat or running water. Thankfully the National Guard is there and has set up tents and are giving out water.

And this is just in my neighborhood. This isn't to mention Breezy point where over 110 houses burnt to the ground because of a fire that spread from one house to another since firefighters couldn't get to it because they were held back by flood waters. An entire neighborhood is burnt to the ground.

I'm not even mentioning the Rockaways yet which is equally devastated.

I feel for the OP, who desperately wants to believe things are OK, and who wouldn't in these times, but just because the area where he is thankfully was spared, all he has to do is take a 15 minute ride down the Grand Central to Howard Beach and instead he'll be confronted with what looks like a third world country.

Astoria dodged a huge bullet. The rest of Queens wasn't so lucky.

As for my fiancee and I, both of us are just grateful that we still have our homes. Many here don't even have that. Hot water and heat is an afterthought.

But it's true - we are resilient. Like any disaster, you just have to pick up the pieces and keep going. I was born here - where else would I go?