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Originally Posted by drBill View Post
Thanks Pan! Those D20's look tempting. Do you have a pair? What would you compare them with - sound wise?
I do want a pair but just the one for now.
I hate doing comparison's, but they sound great!

Originally Posted by legato View Post
And so close to home, for a change.

Perhaps worthy even of the High End section?

they are high end for sure, i just always place my articles here: )

Originally Posted by warhead View Post
Great job, Pan! We've seen interest in these climb higher and higher...and have them displayed in our Clipalator as well to compare (which they compare very nicely!).

I think the interest will continue to clime, great pre!

I am thrilled with what they have done, I am even trying to get them on another cool project I think is right up there ally with these tubes!