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The Sony desks in their day were good but things have come a long way since then, even the modern Behringer or Mackie desks work better than an old Sony desk. (One feature the Sony desks had that is not often seen these days is they can be run from 12v DC which is great for location work).

The Allen & Heath ZED series work well as broadcast style desks.
I agree with dlmorley about the Sony desks being generally better built than any Mackie or Behringer. The MXP 61 was the "portable" unit in their serious/top range desk lineup and is up with the very best in build quality and sounds pretty good too. It was also available with some proper 'broadcast desk' features/options.

I'm slightly curious about what makes the A+H ZEDs "broadcast style"? I had a quick look at a few of them but couldn't see any fader start options, clean feed busses, comms or telco channels, facilities to listen to multiple external monitor inputs or to individually drive and talk to multiple pairs of speakers or headphones, nor any proper metering or other 'broadcast' specific facilities. Or anything else to mark them out as any more "broadcast desks" than any other fairly cheap non-modular compact mixer. Am I missing something or is 'broadcast desk' being used here as a bit more of a wide ranging definition than I'm used to?