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Rock mk ii mod

Originally Posted by George Necola View Post
the one thing that worries me the most with the rocks is, that the sound collapses at low volumes. I did some more testing and the lower mids are not acceptable. still the midrange is good, the imaging good. high distortion at high volumes like with ADAMs, but I like that.

I am on PSI25 now.. so everything I say, take it with a grain of "PSI"-salt.


Hi George,
I'm really surprised that you're finding that with the lower mids at low volume. I honestly haven't heard anyone say this and I personally don't find this either and I often like working on them at super low levels. It's great that you like lots of the other Rock attributes though!

Just to mention there is a MK II Audio Media review up on the web site as some other GS readers were asking about MK II reviews, here's the link.

Also the Future Music Mk II review is out this month and Hugh at SOS will be revisiting them very soon too.