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I never sent it back. I got it fixed by a pro here and it only took about 2 months (finding the pro, because there aren't many here in Finland, delivering the synth to him, waiting for the repairs and getting it back).

The problem was two broken potentiometers. The one that controls EG2 "hold time", causing the infinite hold and "frequency modulations" MG/T.EXT potentiometer that caused constant modulation to oscillators. Also the power cords was changed for IEC-plug (C14).

These repairs costed 90€ and was refunded back to me by the seller. And yes, he is from Holland.

Hope you get yours fixed, MS-20 is a bitchin' synth!

Thank you so much for getting back to me. ok then , so its not the same ms 20 , though both have the exact same problems , and , same seller .

So far , he is still sticking to the company line of "all checked all serviced..." and has asked what do i want to do ... i want him to pay for the repairs , im just waiting for a quote . if he gives me any headache , i might even fly out there and ask for a replacement of a refund

Thanks once again
( and yes they are amazing )