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I just received Korg MS-20 that I recently bought. I got this through eBay auction and the original auction said things like:"ALL BUTTONS KEYS FULLY WORKING." and "HAS BEEN CHECKED AND SERVICED BY OUR AUDIO SERVICE DEPARTMENT", except they aren't and I quess it wasn't (under the keybed there was a huge pile of "dust dogs" and rusty screws here and there).

Everything went smoothly with the courier service, the box was intact and the synth was properly packed. So I quess the shipping is not the thing to blame here.

The problems are:
1. Faulty Envelope Generator 2: Sustain is constantly on and Hold-knob does nothing.
2. Modulation Generator leaks to Frequency Modulation, causing constant modulation to oscillators.
3. Pulse Width-knob is not fully working. It stops modifying the signal at 3'o'clock

And here is a quick video I made to illustrate the problems:

Question is, should I send this back (they offered return 7 days after delivery) or should I find someone here in Finland to repair this or try to do it myself (if it's couple of broken IC, I can change them myself/with help of my friend who is a real soldering wizard)?

Thanks guys and gals!

Hi Bergman, did you get to fix your ms20 or did you return it?
i also just bought one which fits your exact description ( Dirty) and it has the VERY SAME problems!..... whats even more worrying , the seller had the same words in the description : "VINTAGE SYNTH KORG MS20, USED IN PRO STUDIO FOR SEVERAL PROJECTS. ALL BUTTONS KEYS FULLY WORKING. EU POWER PLUG. HAS BEEN CHECKED AND SERVICED BY OUR AUDIO SERVICE DEPARTMENT" .

Was the seller from Holland by any chance?
anyway, it does come with a 3 months warranty and the seller excepts returns . so i might return it if fixing it is going to be an epic of a story.

Please let me know weather you returned it and i bought it