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Old 4th October 2012
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PCM60 110/120/230/240V Changeover S11 Switch in PSU Internal

Love these old threads - having just bought a PCM-60 the SW11 Switch that is in the manual, is in ALL PCM 60 UNITS in the PSU Section. It's actually in the chunky power transformer where it's labelled SW10/11 and that is 110/120/230/240 volts 50/60Hz what you do is get a new fuse or (Fuses), 3AG/110v/0.25A/230V down to 240V 3 or 4 x 20mm fuses plus another .45 amp fuse, switch them over, and on a Varic (Google this) slowly turn up the power until you have your new voltage regulated.

Be careful though as the PCM60's are old (Very cool and great sounding) though etc though they have a permanent American IEC cable coming out from the PSU unit I.E there is no 3 prong IEC receptacle! Hope that helps future PCM60 owners change voltage on both sides of the big Pond. The service Manual is also in the Lexicon Service Vault ~
Enjoy your OLD PCM-60!