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Old 30th September 2012
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Apogee Symphony I/O output sound problems

Hi everyone
I just got my Apogee Symphony yesterday and the main problem is:

During my Symphony I/O Firmware Update the part where it tries to Update the PrimaryIO FPGA always fails...have tried it numerous everything is up to date with Apogee's most recent firmware release except the PrimaryIO FPGA

So I leave that alone and comeback and then when I turn on my Apogee Symphony an APOGEE notification comes on my computer that says the "Symphony I/O firmware does not match software, launching updater."

So I click the OK button and it starts "Looking for a connected Symphony I/O..."

and then it states "Could not find a Symphony I/O connected." which is confusing because when I just turned on my Symphony I/O as it was connected to my computer's USB port it alerted me that firmware needed updating which clearly means it found my Symphony connected. And my Symphony shows itself as being ready and connected when I view it through Maestro 2,

When I play a song the output levels on the right side of my Apogee LED move up and down but no sounds come out.

And also there is an exclamation point that just stays on my Symphony LED on the left side under the Speakers/Headphones/icon.

I'm running the Symphony_July_2012.dmg Installer/Updater from and My Mac Book Pro is Mountain Lion version 10.8.2

Thank you for your help