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Old 29th September 2012
Lives for gear

Yup, you can return them after trying them out. There are the D5's and then it's the Q series in 8"($1000pr), 10", 12" and 15". I have read reviews that state you can hear DSP noise on them (the Q series), but have not heard them. Mine are quiet (D5's).
I called Equator Audio to order during the Christmas break and had a good time talking with Ted Keffalo the owner, who answered the phone and when my order got scrambled Marty the sales dept. head also called and emailed me to get it straightened out quickly. I liked how enthused they both were about their products and customers. I have no links to them, if you wonder about that, just this one. LOL
Equator Audio Studio Monitors
Monitors are probably the most debated subject in recording! I seem to remember someone -a mentor type engineer, telling me to spend a third of my budget on monitors, when I was putting an 8 track (Tascam 80-8) studio together in the 80's. These D5's seem a bargain to me, and if you don't like them you get to return 'em! I would love to buy a set of Opals or Barefoots and will move these over to make room, when I do!