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Old 26th September 2012
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RE D5's I bought mine at Christmas and then started packing up the house to move. We did, but not til May and I am just getting use to my D5's. I came from HR824's, JBL 4311's and Yorkville YSM-1 (passive)(also had Minimus7's). At that price I decided I could have 2 pair of monitors. I still have the Yorkvilles, too, though I am targetting JBL LSR2328p or perhaps the HR824 MKII. Mine will have to be close to the wall as it is a small room ( until I put up a barn for my wife and my studios). So, I've been considering Event ASP6's and the DynAudio BM5a MK2, but have not heard them. yet.
I went with the Mackie after being at a Sam Ash in Burbank Illinois where I got to hear a dozen plus similar sized( and kind of similarly priced) monitors. They sounded the most balanced and natural to me.
The Equator's were an intuitive experiment that I am pleased with.