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Old 26th September 2012
Lives for gear

I just bought the Equator D5's and I am loving them. The clarity is comparable to the M50's clarity. I own the Audio Technicas as they translate great to other speakers and the D5's do the same. The translation is great, the coaxial makes phasing no issue. The stereo imaging actually scared me in the beginning. I set them up and listened to them and it felt like the music was coming from the dead center, not from either speaker unless I got closer.

I have them on 12" stands for my desk with resistor pads and they compare to ~$700 monitors. The only downside I have to say is that there's this annoying blue light in the front that I plan on just taping over. Amazing speakers though, the clarity is better than my A7xs. They're also designed so that you can adjust the speakers to your room position and can sound great even if it's close to a wall.