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Hard drives/backup

What does the client take out of your studio when the project is done? Do you keep the original drives and make backup drives for the client or do you back up to *?format?* for them to take? Is there more than one backup/different formats? What about track sheets, session documentation, mix settings?

Are there special requirements the majors have compared to independents.

At the moment I back up the R-1 drives to 2 sets of Exabyte Mammoth tape (20 gig per tape, 4 tapes per project), one set goes with the client one stays here plus I keep the original set of hard drives intact until the album is released, then the drives get wiped unless the label wants to buy them. Euphonix came out with the "Transferstation" for the R-1, which backs up the original drives to a bunch of different formats (Firewire drives, DLT tape, SCSI drives, LTO tape, CD-R, not sure about DVD-R) in the AES-31 format. It also has Nuendo built into the main computer, which could be used as an extension DAW to the R-1. Santa...?