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Originally Posted by Legacy
To Rick:

Didn't mean to imply that they were lesser quality although I can see how my wordding would imply that. This info came from Kevin Brown at Genex in a phone discussion we had some time ago. I think he may have qualified it in a little more detail but I can't remember exactly what the differences were (or it may have gone over my head at the time). I suspect it had to do with the fact that the GXAs are a dedicated unit while the converters in the 900xx are part of a larger whole (with potentially many more channels) and therefor need to be integrated differently. I agree (and I speculate Kevin would also) that any audible difference would be extremely subtle - the ones in the 90xx series are very good as you say. I wouldn't hesitate to use either of them as I do the GXA-8.

Hi Silas,
No worries. I really didn't take your post as anything negative toward the inbuilt converters. I was just reporting my experiences and I really don't do detailed comparison tests as some do so I honestly can't say I would be the best source for any detailed analysis. I'm kinda in the camp that if something sounds good to me I concentrate on the musical issues at hand and get on with it. Anyway, the Genex converters are sounding good here and get used in the 9000 when I get a call for acoustic music remotes.
Best regards, Rick