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Old 17th September 2012
Lives for gear

Found a couple of quite articulate comments which I think have some validity, and say things far better than I can.


Dear Amanda,

Please come play at my house. I'll need you to furnish a stage, sound system, provide for ticket sales and advance publicity, and guarantee that you sell at least 2000 seats. Also, I'll need 50% of your merch sales. And I can't pay you. Because it's a privilege to play at my house. Not everyone gets to do it.
+1 of those stupid Facebookie like things here

Chris Buono · Top Commenter · Video Stunt Guitarist at TrueFire

While anyone wishing to participate can do so by their own free will, there's too many instances.
where someone is dangling the "exposure" or "for the good vibes" trip for not much, if anything, in return. It's all too accepted that musicians/artists should continually work for free to "climb the ladder" or just do it for the art or hugs and/or high-fives. **** that noise. The bank who holds my mortgage wants cash or check every first of the month and could give a **** about "merch." We need to jump on every opportunity that comes our way to squash the notion this is OK. Maybe the intentions are pure here, but when you flash your headlights to the world exclaiming you're a crowd-source-made millionaire you're going to get scrutinized at every turn. If you spent the dough already on whatever and didn't budget for performance compensation in real world denaro then you need to fire your business manager and accountant pronto and at the same time keep your clothes on next time and not flaunt your **** if you can't manage it properly.