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Lives for gear

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Takes credit cards, provides bandwidth, provides legitimacy, and helps build things for other people to use to. Why not use kickstarter? Why not give them more legitimacy. She's not generally in the business of fundraising, and they are. They provide the infrastructure for a modest fee, and using them brings publicity to less famous folks too. She'd even helped fundraise for other MUCH smaller projects. And their cut is a ****ton less than Roadrunner's.
I still don't really get it.

The reason Amanda got what she got was because she already had legitimacy.

She paid them over $50,000 because they take credit cards? That doesn't seem like a modest fee to me. I could create 10 albums for less than just that fee (not as awesome as Amanda's probably, although I've never heard any of her music).

I just don't see what they really bring to the table unless it's advertising, which I don't believe they do.

The only benefit I have seen is that apparently there are some people who actually peruse Kickstarter and contribute to people's projects even if they haven't heard of them before. If that's true, that's pretty amazing.

What percentage that is though, I don't know. From what I've read so far, seems you have to have a lot of friends and family and fans already. And you have to do the work to get them to contribute.