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Exactly. The people who insist that the world go back to 1985 are the same people that hate that Amanda Palmer is successful. You shouldn't find a way to be successful today, you should rant on the internet about why you are being treated badly.
You can't actually believe what you're saying, can you?

I'm ranting against her. And I'm successful and I actually make a pretty good living solely from music so I'm not bitter or jealous of her. I Know what I'm ranting against - I'm ranting against the fact that she is capable of setting a precedent.

And that in fact, just happened - sort of.

A friend of mine who plays bass for a known artist, who for the artist's sake shall remain nameless, but nevertheless he's much bigger than Amanda Palmer ever will be, he just told my friend at a rehearsal last night, "You know, she has a pretty good idea there..." And went on to explain that it never dawned on him to use fans to pad out his band so he could have a larger band without paying them.

That is exactly what I am ranting about and against. Success has nothing to do with it. Once the first person does it, it becomes easier for the next. And if the artist my friend plays for is already entertaining the idea you can bet others are as well.

I have a lot of friends who make a living playing horns / strings / winds / etc. that can be affected by this. Some friends that are already struggling somewhat. I'd hate to see the opportunities for my friends to make a living start drying up because artists think those positions can be filled with unpaid fans instead.

Try to think a little bigger then simple jealousy next time.