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I can't imagine she's rolling in the dough. The alternative would probably be more like just don't use any strings or horns.
Which is fine, it's what everyone else does.
Lot's of duos around with no drummer for example.

There's no way it can hurt the industry, because no one has to do it unless they want to. They may well consider it a lot of fun and well worth the effort.
And no one has to play a venue for free if they don't want to, and yet the industry struggles to make sure promoters pay, because it's the right thing to do.
Look, it's a lot of fun being a guest on Letterman. And you get to plug your book, or tour, or movie....... but the show still pays you a fee.
That's the way our culture has evolved, but now apparently if it's fun and is an opportunity..... don't expect to be paid.
Thin end of the wedge.