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For the guy who asked the question. If you can't make enough money with your music, doesn't seem to matter whether your paycheck is from the music industry or not, as long a you have the time and energy for your music. Pick something that leaves you with the time and creative energy you need. I don't think you'd be much better off doing live sound, running a label, doing music software, or even writing stock music tracks. A job is a job at that point, at least to me. In some ways it is worse.
This is a question that arose a looong time ago when I was at school. I loved music and music tech. I almost went to an arts school to do music. I did some work experience at a studio in Holloway Road (London). One of the engineers there whom I had a lot of respect for, after a painful session I sat in on with some cheesy boy-band, told me: don't work as an engineer, if you want to make music, just get a job and make music on the side. (BTW that studio is long gone now)

On top of that my parents told me I should get a good career and not rely on music for a living. So I went into software and web dev. Started a label, got gigs, vinyl releases, album etc all while earning my crust doing something I didnt really enjoy. As I saw some of my peers who put 100% into music start to do really well, I started to get jealous. However, I think this is also "grass is greener" syndrome.

I think what it comes down to is not feeling fulfilled in the work I've been doing. Which, for me at least means feeling good about what I do, feeling like I am contributing positively to humanity, challenging myself in a good way. Music is not the only way to do that.