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Can anyone help me? I am new to this board and I can't figure it out. I am trying to sell a STANDEL 25L15 VINTAGE PLUS- Combo Amplifiers for my Husband. Where the heck do I go to post this. This board is quite confusing.
Did you already throw all his clothes on the front lawn?

So you would sell a guitar amplifier at the buy/sell area on a website called Harmony Central and other guitar sites like have free classifieds as well. Then there is your local Craigslist if you want an easier sale for less money often or national audience Ebay for more money but then less after paying all those fees. You probably have to pack up and ship that heavy amp which is a huge PITA. Here at Gearslutz is not really good for selling instruments and amps. We only sell boring studio stuff like equalizers and wires.

This section is the pirating section where we trade ripped album CDs and songs for free to exploit artist's hard work and talent. Artists are the perfect sacrificial lambs to make everybody else's life easier. And stealing an artist's life's worth of work these days is like shooting fish in a barrel.