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Old 10th September 2012
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Quite a stupid analysis in my opinion. The quality of pop music has not changed, just accessibility.
I'm not so sure about that.
Recent "mainstream" music is often less melodic, but the harmony and the rythm aren't more sophisticated than in the old pop songs, so I don't see any progression in that direction, actually the songs are much simpler, but at the same time not that "easy listening". And the abuse of the digital technology has wiped out every bit of soul. And I still don't get it why all of those top 10 songs don't have any groove.

At the same time I know that lots of great music is being produced, but it somehow doesn't make it to the radio.

And while I like the analog gear I wouldn't say that I'm conservative about the music, I like modern music, but not the one where more time was spent tuning the vocals than writing and arranging the song.

And if someone thinks that the radio audience won't accept anything more complex than a perfect fifth, just listen to the intro of the Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity which reached #1 in some countries in '96/'97.

Anyway I can't find any arguments why the "mainstream" music is better nowdays, but I can find many arguments why it's worse. If someone can tell me enough arguments I may think again.