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What he's saying is iTunes (TM Apple) is the *only* legitimate software you can use to sync your iProducts to your PC. Even on windows, they're watching you. Just my colorful interpretation...
Yes, it seems that Apple tries to make you use their proprietary music player to interface with iProducts by utilizing an obfuscated USB protocol. The vast majority of other devices use standard protocols like Mass Storage or Media Transfer Protocol.

Personally, I view attempts to skirt established technical standards for the purposes of locking products to other products to be malicious behavior (hell, Microsoft got sued pretty hard for similar behaviors in the 90s). Other people seem to think this is an acceptable business practice. Your mileage may vary.

In addition to what you state, this also has the (perhaps unintended side effect) of making it difficult to synchronize iProducts with operating systems that Apple has not ported their proprietary music player to. Although enterprising individuals have reverse engineered this protocol, I've never attempted to sync an iProduct on my chosen operating system, largely because I don't own any at the moment. So I can't really tell you how well this actually works.