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Old 8th September 2012
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Being locked into using iTunes or an iPod is still kind of DRM. Personally I think that iTunes exploits the artists too as they don't get much from the sales.
If I buy an album it should be lossless, I should be able to play it on my iRiver, convert it to FLAC, play in the media player software that I choose.

Personally I would much rather buy the CD/LP off the bands' websites or from my local independent record store that supports the kinds of music I like.

I have seen some bands make efforts to make buying the music more attractive though, Things like it coming with jewellery that the band members make, pre-order only t-shirts/hoodies and even really elaborate boxed sets.

For me the biggest reason why I don't buy music is that I don't have the money. The price of living has gone up and wages have stayed the same. But there is no way that I am going to rip off artists either; it would be hypocritical of me to want to make money out of music but not pay for it.