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if you actually do some metrics on potential listening experiences like BB is doing,
you can soon find an upper limit of human listening potential in the round.

a question is how many (new) tracks per month would different people be comfortable listening to.
obviously that would be different for different people in different contexts.

so part of the question is what kind of contextual listening audience would you like for your music.
do you want an in depth listener or a superficial listener or both.

if you take the 2.5 listens per track as a general context, you have a superficial listener.

on a superficial reading from a marketing potential for add impressions, something like that
might read out as a general trend towards massive fragmentation of attention experience.

to me the internet as a medium so far, looks to be about maximizing scale and minimizing cost.
That translates to lower willingness to pay as well, because no one really values superficiality.
This doesn't work in favour for Artists who value in depth attention but works well for those who
can leverage the components which work well in a context of superficiality and fragmented attention.

This is also why I think the overall trend will be towards organizations using Music as a vehicle
to piggyback advertisments and marketing campaign strategies.