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This is from my post in another thread:

"I just wanted to write a bit of an update. I got my Rock Mk 2's a couple of weeks ago. The service from Upper Westside Sound was incredible! Ian Smith actually brought me a demo pair, all the way from Montreal, and let me do as much testing as I wanted. I liked them, so I ordered a pair. Two days later, he brought me a brand new pair, all the way from Montreal again. Wow, I can't overemphasize the high quality of service from Upper Westside, and what a pleasure it was to deal with Ian.

As for the monitors themselves, the difference compared to my previous main monitors is dramatic. My previous monitors, which I will probably sell, are Tannoy System 800's with a rack-mount Hafler TransNova amp. The Rock's simply sound more alive, more present, there is more bass. The stereo imaging is amazing to me.

The surprising thing to me was that even in my small untreated room, which I do plan to treat, the Rocks's bass extension presents no problems. Playing one of my bass guitars through it, I could hear the fundamental tone of the low E at an apparent volume which matched any higher tones from my guitars. I realize that's only around 40 Hz, so I ran some test tones down to about 30 Hz, and the apparent volume declined rapidly.

I'm going to use REW and a calibrated SPL meter to help determine what treatment I need to get the most out of the Rocks. Unfortunately, I haven't had much chance to play with them or try much mixing, because of preparations for the new school semester that just started. As I get more time, I'll report back with any additional findings.

Thank you to Unity Audio, Upper Westside Sound, and Ian Smith!"