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Old 8th September 2012
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If you took the effective per play rate that I’ve paid for every time I’ve listened to my Dark Side of The Moon CD, it would be trivial compared to what I’d have generated if I’d done all that listening on Spotify.
That's nonsense. If we assume the generous $.004 amount per play, and DSOTM has 10 tracks, that's $.04 per full album play. In order for the label to make $10, he would have to listen to the full album 250 times. I think in general people vastly overestimate how many times they actually listen to their favorite music. 250 listens is insane. That's listening to DSOTM in its entirety once a month for almost 21 years. Or once a week for 5 years. Or every weekday for an entire year. I'm sure there are a few sad fanboys who have done that but that's obviously not the case for all of the 50 million people who bought the album.