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Originally Posted by grawk View Post
As to saying people who disagree with you are clueless or irrational, whatever helps you sleep at night.
Yes, I am very opinionated as well, and I like when people disagree with's much more fun and interesting. That's when you're dealing with subjective issues and I won't call people clueless or irrational.

But when people are even getting black and white given facts wrong or completely misunderstanding a very very simplistic line of thought, that is either 1) cluelessness or 2) irrationality.

Again, case in point:
Chrisso says:
Originally Posted by chrisso View Post
I'm entitled to place a fee on my work. I'm entitled to be paid when someone takes advantage of my work.
That's it. It's simple.
A truly simple and straightforward concept. But then Sqye directly responds to that with:

Originally Posted by Sqye View Post
"I do agree with your basic premise, but it's like saying poets, dancers, writers, actors, etc. should be paid for what they create. Or that water should be paid for emerging from the earth, or the sun paid for shining. Of course, it's a nice fantasy. But unfortunately, not reality for most. And never has been."
It appears clear to me that Sqye, like many others, is simply not following the plot, lost in a completely different line of thought. Or am I crazy? Please, show me if I am and I will disappear.