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Most of the music the public wants to possess is not free, it's stolen.

If people had to buy music they would pay for it. Case in point:

What if the existing law was actually enforced and the ONLY way to get the songs that make the public feel good was from buying them? Then they would have to pay for the music that benefits their life. GASP! Would music still have no value in this case? If you say yes, then people would flat out not be able to play all their favorite music at will. Do you think they would start paying again or stop listening to their loved music at will? They 100% will start paying again. See how off-base your statement truly is? Music is invaluable in our life.

Freesters can continue to live in utter cluelessness or you can begin for the first time, to grow up. I have a feeling that if you start thinking rationally for the first time, it will remove a little peace from your lives.
Or they'd listen to the radio and continue to spend at the level they spend. Music sales aren't at zero, they're just more in line with the 80s than late 90s. In the middle of a recession.

As to saying people who disagree with you are clueless or irrational, whatever helps you sleep at night.