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Yes, but you're not entitled to success in the music industry.
Sqye, this concept is not registering with you and many others in the slightest. Now try to follow. I am not a lawyer, so don't pick apart my terms, etc. My concepts are correct however.


In no way, shape or form is Chrisso saying artists are entitled to success.

Again, it's soooo simple. We agree. The public does not have to give any artist ANY MONEY AT ALL...nada...never ever ever. ZERO...EVER. All artists are owed no money from anyone. EVER EVER EVER EVER. And artists are A-OK with this.

Unless, of course, the public CHOOSES to possess and/or use the artist's "for pay only" work. Then that person or company owes the artist WHATEVER PRICE he has put on it. If you have a song on your device that the artist CHOOSES to put a price tag of $2000 for one song, you are breaking the law if you possess that song without paying the full $2000.

In long established modern, western law, the maker of a product has the right to determine the price of ownership, transferability permissions, usage, etc and has the right to seek a legal remedy if his rights get violated.

So yes, you're 100% correct. The public has the right not to have to spend any money on anything...if they don't touch it. If you don't want to give an artist any money, you don't have to at all, just don't touch his work, that's all that is REQUIRED by law.