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Originally Posted by chrisso View Post
I'm entitled to place a fee on my work. I'm entitled to be paid when someone takes advantage of my work.
That's it. It's simple.
(So sick of this inane 'entitled' angle constantly being thrown at ordinary musicians)

Yes, but you're not entitled to success in the music industry.

Just like the other 99% of all musicians.

You can't compete with free.

And in much of the real world, music has very little monetary value to most consumers.

If you've found a niche of consumers willing to buy your product, support your projects, brand, etc....congratulations.

I do agree with your basic premise, but it's like saying poets, dancers, writers, actors, etc. should be paid for what they create.

Or that water should be paid for emerging from the earth, or the sun paid for shining.

Of course, it's a nice fantasy.

But unfortunately, not reality for most. And never has been.

You can live in fantasy (like the music business section at Gearslutz), or you can live in reality - your choice.

I have a feeling one will bring you more personal peace, but everyone's different.

I know it's very difficult for professionals, and ex-professionals.

All the best, man.