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Personally, I think this recurring topic being beaten to death is just plain old silly.

Since when have musicians EVER made any real money AS A DEMOGRAPHIC?

All this entitlement is insane.

Musicians have mostly always be broke - and I don't see this changing anytime soon.

So many of our arguments PRESUME musicians somehow DESERVE income.

And again - the REASON this supposition is SILLY - is because it's almost NEVER been true in our history.

EVEN when music was supposedly MORE VALUABLE (in our fabulously inaccurate 20/20 hindsight).

So where did this fantasy about musicians being entitled to earn a living come from?

I submit to you that it was almost ENTIRELY fabricated by a few hippies smoking pot in their dorm room, before they were evicted from school. And they were probably philosophy majors - not even musicians.

Anyway, I wish you all the best, and hope you're able to join the real world sometime in the near future.

Because life is EXPENSIVE and short, and paying for survival by creating music seems like a shoddy plan, to say the least.

I know a FEW of you can and / or will prove me wrong. To you, I say KUDOS! You should indeed celebrate yourselves, because you are among the very few in the club.


I still don't understand how people read these threads and think anyone is saying we're "entitled" to make a living.
No, all we are saying is that YOU* aren't entitled to make a living OFF of ME by simply grabbing my things and hawking them on the streets.

*The proverbial 'you', not you personally

The only 'entitlement' i see is people thinking they are 'entitled' to take whatever they want, whenever they want--regardless if that thing is being offered to them or not.