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-RockNRoll Amps CR60

-Splawn Nitro

-Splawn Quickrod

-Fortin Meathead

Not pictured:

-Cornford MK50 MkII

-Marshall Slash Signature AFD100

After testing / comparing many amps over the years, these are the keepers. These are what get used all the time in the studio. Love `em all.

The RockNRoll Amps CR60 might be the most versatile. Compact frame and relatively light-weight but sounds just as huge as all the others. Ultra ballsy, ultra dynamic, rich tone. You can switch the choke in and out for two totally different characters, not many amps out there can do this, very cool. Has other very nifty features too. This is one seriously bad-ass amp. Just sounds huge.

The Splawns, also awesome sounding, ultra versatile amps. The Nitro is a bit more modern sounding, more focused and meaty, and the Quickrod is a bit more "Marshall-esque", more open, etc. Everything that company makes is killer... including their cabinets.

The Fortin Meathead.... six-channel beast!!! To my knowledge you can no longer purchase this exact amp, I believe the designer and builder, Mr. Fortin, sold his designs to Randall... so you might see this amp appear on the market down the road as a Randall at some point. Amazing amp.

The Cornford, great contrast to the others, ultra bite, very fast and dynamic for a high gain amp, likely because it doesn't have a choke. Of all "modern" style amps out there, this is the king for me... though I more often lean towards more "traditional" type tones.

The Marshall Slash, was never too fond of modern Marshalls, and not even a big fan of Slash specifically, but Mr. Fortin actually recommended this particular amp so I gave it a shot... and was glad I did. It's essentially a "reproduction" of an early `70's style Marshall... and actually really sounds like it... it delivers the goods and is a lot easier to deal with than an actual vintage unit... its got the sound without the headaches. Quality piece.

The quest is over, these amps are here to stay.