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Originally Posted by vasy100
Agree, it's all about impedance. Typical for modern IC based outputs 40 Ohm output impedance will nicely interfacing with 10K input of passive volume knob and following 10-100k input of power amp or active speakers and will not affect the frequency response of the signal passing through passive volume knob. (lets discard the switches)
Actually, this passive Volume knob is the same thing you can see in any integrated Power Amp (the Volume Knob) just outside of the Power Amp for more convenient usage (on the desk)
So, I have to say from technical point of view there is no please for comparing the units as Big Knob or Avocet and McONE, it's just different devices.
We do build an "active" monitor controller see here;
and it's defiantly something else....
Let me get this straight -- you say this thing is the same as the one in the integrated power amp, and behaves the same way.

You actually sell this stuff and you don't understand the effect of the cable capacitance (the cabling that connects your device) on the implied RC circuit