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I also bought the ebook "The Music Powers that be..." book (which on the issue of licensing was a very good read) and so far it's not looking good. I will agree that a little of something is better than all of nothing (probably screwed that up somewhere lol), but to what cost?

One advantage I did see (and was a good analogy made on another forum) is that you situate your product like a Walmart (which is where the non-exclusive and exclusive tracks would come in to play). You cater to your customers looking for a toothbrush, and those looking for an LED TV.

In the end however, I think it's better to work the agreement out individually on a per track basis. Just because I don't have a buyer for a track in my inventory, doesn't necessarily mean I want to put up the track as royalty free, which from every source I've found thus far is exactly what you are doing. In most cases however, you still retain the copyright/publishing, but it still greatly limits the earning potential. Plus also, it begins to become an administrative nightmare.

Based on what the book said in my limited reading, even though your agreement does state the limits of what you can do with the track, when you have a lot of clients, how effective will you be in tracking each and every client to make sure your track is within the terms of the agreement? Let alone if it's some random buyer? Not saying it's impossible, but for me it seems like too much of a hassle and more than likely improbable.

So what now guys? I think I'll offer price quotes and sales on an individual basis, but If you have some tracks (instrumentals) that you want to "Sell" and want to showcase them on your site, but don't want to relinquish your copyright/publishing, and give up all possible royalty earnings, what do you feel would be a viable vehicle for doing so? Any ideas?

Also, I ran into an argument regarding those who coincidentally do offer their tracks for track out (like I would have). The issue there become more so on the sample clearing aspect than on delivery. The issue is that if you utilized a sample library, loop, etc. that you'd have to look AGAIN to see if you'd be fine distributing said loop or sample as part of a tracked out compilation as essentially you are almost reselling the sample. I'd argue with that stating that, no the product isn't the sample but the session that's including the sample. Also, who's to know?! That specific vendor or entity would have to physically buy the track, dig into the session, etc. (maybe), but IDK.

MORE ADDITIONAL INFO ON TOPIC: (passage from book)