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What I have seen (above) on an exclusive agreement which seems like a good idea to me, is that I would start making any royalties back until the sales of that track reach it's first million. After that, it's 5% (like you said ironically)
Do you have any idea how many of the close to 100,000 projects released a year get even close to the million sales mark? (in 2012 you can probably count them on your fingers and toes) And even the few that make that mark - ALL of them are going to be major artists with track records. They will not be buying beats online from your store. So you will never get your 5%.

You might want to research things a bit before pinning your business plan on an already failed model. Good luck. And I second the attorney suggestion. Although expensive, it's a small bit of what you will loose if you make an ill informed decision.