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Now i have two mics on my wishlist... the UM900 and the ronin dove... both for the exact same reasons... pushing boundaries... i know these mics get a lot of flack here but i love the blue kiwi, it is perhaps one of the most unforgiving mics i have ever used... the speed with which it captures sound, i havent heard in any other mic (admittedly i havent heard some of the classics but have heard many) but for capturing crisp drum sounds from big distances and pop vox it rocks... but a UM900 is probably my favorite for the latter duty, it is been my next to buy mic since i heard it... and who ever mentioned ehrlund mics, cheers those piano samples sound great... and PS ronin I for one would love a mic that had enough gain i could just take straight into my converters, aes 42 is quite cool in that respect too

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